Band Biography

Nikola JurisicNikola Jurisic

•   Johnny joined the band in 2012, just before Defformer Fest in Novi Sad.

•   Born in Ruma, in 1996, where he finished his primary school and is now attending secondary school.

•   Started playing drums at the age of 12. Bought his first drumkit from his brother's insurance money, after his brother broke his arm :)

•   Plays drums for another band from Ruma - Drunk Jack.

•   Favourite bands: August Burns Red, A Day to Remember, Parkway Drive...

•   Favourite drummers: Matt Greiner & Alex Rudinger.

•   Favourite movies: Gladiator & The Batman Trilogy.

•   Favourite TV Shows: Only Fools and Horses, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones.

•   Hobbies: Basketball.