Band Biography

Nenad VeljovicNenad Veljovic

•    Nesha (or Shone, how we like to call him) was born in 1988 in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia.

•    He finished his primary school and primary music school in Ruma, attended his high school (design) in Novi Sad and graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

•    His elder brother and sister influenced him musically, so he started listening to rock & roll, started playing piano at age 8, and guitar at age 12. It's been his favourite instrument ever since. He also plays bass guitar.

•    Had been a guitar player in a couple of teenage bands, along with his BC fellow musicians – Rade & Veki (MIR, Vojni Klub, Egregor).

•    Founded BC in 2006 together with the other guys, he contributes in writing riffs, solos, arrangements, backing vocals and he is also responsible for doing artwork, design, shooting & mixing videos and everything else close to his profession.

•    He played in ethno ensemble Andesila and symphonic progressive band Svarun.

•    First album: Metallica – The Black Album.

•    First concert: Belgrade 2003 - Deep Purple.

•    Favourite bands: EKV/Pink Floyd/Deep Purple/Whitesnake/Dream Theater.

•    Favourite albums: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here/Dream Theater - Images and Words/Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime...

•    Favourite guitar players:  Joe Satriani/John Petrucci/Vlatko Stefanovski/R.M. Tocak/Marko Veljkovic.

•    Currently in his player:  Greg Howe – Introspection.

•    Favourite movies:  Forrest Gump/Fight Club/The Diving Bell and the Butterfly/Amores Perros/Inglorious Basterds.

•    Favourite TV show: Only Fools and Horses.

•    Hobbies: photography/short movies - in the meantime Nesha started studying camera in Belgrade, and his part time job is shooting music videos. Together with his buddies from ByteFX Team he shot our first video - Dies Irae.