Band Biography

Marko VeljkovicMarko Veljkovic

•    Veki (as we all call him) was born in 1987 in Ruma, Serbia.

•    When he was a kid he didn't show much interest in music (or anything else, actually), probably because he was shy and quiet, so he would sing to his favourite songs only when he was sure that no one was around.

•    Although he comes from a musical family, he never got motivated enough, he still wonders why?...(probably they know something he doesn't!).

•    He would play any record he could get his hands on, but didn't know what kind of music he was into until the day he took guitar.

•    He had his first guitar encounter when his sister brought home an acoustic guitar one day, he still remembers the blisters he got that day, so he put the instrument away from him and forgot about it.

•    One day, he just picked the guitar from some dusty corner and it was the day that completely changed his life, he was so fascinated with the instrument, he just knew he had to learn how to play it properly.

•    As years went by, he worked on his skills, trying to learn all the chords that can possibly exist and at the age of 14 he starts his first band called MIR – along with his future BC bandmates Nesha & Rade. Unfortunately, during their first gig band sucks totally and disbands.

•    Nevertheless, after a while these three amigos form a new band – Vojni Klub, that would eventually become BC.

•    While walking on his road from 'guitar player' to guitar player, he gradually developed as a listener, too. First he listened to basically anything, then he focused on guitar driven music of Hendrix, SRV, Santana, Page, Satch, Di Meola etc.

•    That was the period of his life when he started writing his own music and his aspirations grew bigger every day.

•    However, it wasn't meant to be – he started preparations for classical guitar training, but he didn't like it, he tried to attend the Jazz Academy, but missed the exam, tried to enter the Music Academy, but failed again, played briefly in Tamburica orchestra, but had to quit, because of Faculty.

•    Luckily, we still have him in our team, where he writes music and arrangements.

•    He lives in Novi Sad, where he attends Faculty of Physics.

•    First album: Santana - Supernatural.

•    First concert: Belgrade 2003 - Deep Purple.

•    Favourite bands: Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/Queen/Jethro Tull/Deep Purple.

•    Favourite guitar players: Carlos Santana/Al Di Meola/John Petrucci/Dimebag Darrell/Jimmy Page/Nenad Veljovic.

•    Currently in his player: Miles Davis.

•    Top 5 movies: Star Wars/Big Lebowsky/Snatch/The Silence Of The Lambs/Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky.